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27 November 2017

Toutes les box : the personalised book for children

22 November 2017

Mummy Pages:These personalised children's books make the PERFECT Christmas gift

https://www.mummypages.ie/these-personalised-childrens-books-make-the-perfect-christmas-gift Here there are no rules and no gender stereotypes. After all, little girls also can drive trucks, become archaeologists and be football champions. For the realisation of this book, Marie and Florence have been supported by specialists such as sociologist Anne Dafflon-Novelle, using an approach full of humour and language adapted to childhood for subjects such as psychological harassment, waste management, ecology and so on. The perfect gift for little ones this Christmas!

3 October 2017

"Babayaga" Top 4 of personalised books! Yeah!

25 August 2017

Wonderful article by "Maman débordée mais comblée"

4 July 2017

"Getest op Kinderen" have a rabit evidence: personalised books!

26 June 2017

"Sugar for your Closet" is speaking about us, yippee !

https://www.sugarforyourcloset.com/en/blog/detail/to-shop-zebrabook "The most amazing thing about ZebraBook is that you can choose the story, the cover, you can even write a special note on the first page for your son or daughter, ... it’s completely made by you, therefor makes a beautfiul gift to give to your children. Reading a story before bedtime gets just a little more special like this".

24 May 2017

The European Tour on 'Magic maman' advise

20 May 2017

A book made for kids in the "Sijek"