Magical, Made To Order Books

We lovingly create personalised alphabet books for each of our little customers, containing their name and surname. All of our beautiful books are made in our workshop in Belgium and are hand finished. Our books are educational, solid, attractive and ethical but most importantly they are lots of fun! We have three different stories, all of which can be personalised for your little cutie pie.

Journey through centuries

Travelling in Time is our 4th personalisable book, aimed at history lovers between 6 and 10 years old.

The story:
Staying with Grandma/Grandpa/an Uncle, your little one is bored until the moment when they discover a time machine.
And away they go! Watch them set off for epic adventures: they'll share in the mummification of Pharaoh Hatshepsut, take part in a vote in the agora in Athens, chat with Dido, Queen of Carthage, help Julius Caesar write his letter to the Senate, escape from a Mayan sacrifice...
In short, history has never been so real or such fun!

The book of talents

For comics and the curious alike (0 to 8 years). The perfect gift for cool parents who love to laugh with their cheeky little monkeys.

The story:
The story of their VERY OWN arrival: the fairies have received word from the doting godparents (who are startled by the blissful love of the parents), they lean over the crib to offer the baby a host of talents for different future careers. Each one matching a letter of the special child's own name. Take little Emma Chevalier for example, she is offered the team spirit of an Electrician, the charisma of a Mountain climbing instructor, the intuition of a Master dog trainer and the patience of an Apiculturist.